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5 Things Pro Essay Writers Like About ‘No Fear Shakespeare’

Some writers and literary works are lucky. They don’t freeze in their own greatness but remain relevant for every generation.

Scientists and ordinary schoolchildren re-read them, researchers analyze every detail and symbol. When it comes to immortal geniuses, William Shakespeare immediately comes to mind.

His works are filled with romantic characters, tragic stories and memorable quotes. However, it is hard to read Shakespeare because of the archaic language. When people discuss his works of art, one may feel like an outsider. Understanding Shakespeare’s language can be compared to the superpower. Is there a simple technique to read the classic? «No Fear Shakespeare» is the key.

The Plays Are Enjoyable and Accessible

The book line «No Fear Shakespeare» is extremely useful. It offers a modern translation of Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays. This makes reading much easier. However, modernization reduces the dramatic impact of the works. There is a solution for those who love reading in the original. The original variant and the translation are put side-by-side.

The original content is on the left page, its modern adaptation is on the right. Thanks to that, these books are a wonderful tool both for classic lovers and first-time readers. The translation from Shakespearean language to modern-day English is quite accurate. Students and professional essay writers also suggest purchasing these series because of good value for money.

Sonnets and plays of Shakespeare are traditionally a part of a school course. It’s hard to imagine higher education without academic papers on Hamlet’s problem. Students turn to professional essay writers if they need some help analyzing Othello’s and Desdemona’s relationship. Essay writer service is always there to describe the role of supernatural phenomena in «Macbeth» or characterize King Duncan.

Pros and Cons of the Series

«No Fear Shakespeare» books don’t take long to read, but they won’t be for everyone. Some lecturers cannot accept neologisms in the translated version. Others miss the sophistication of the original text. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful solution for those who don’t can’t сonsult a literature professor.

Each book includes:

  • complete content of the original play;
  • an easy-to-understand translation, archaic words are put into modern language;
  • character characteristics;
  • editorial notes;
  • useful commentaries.

Professional essay writers turn to these series when they need to refresh the plot in their memory or take a quick glance at some lines.

Undergraduates and Professors Open Up About Their Experience

«Unfortunately, I don’t get much of the original text, but this book provides a modern translation next to each page. I suggest buying it if there is a problem. This book helped me to save the grade» – says a high school student.

Another commentary seems positive too: «Best purchase of the semester. Of course, there are translated versions online, but this one is really time-saving. You can’t complain about the price either».

«A guide for those who are willing to read Shakespeare but are not competent enough. English is easy for understanding. The book is perfect for those who aren’t native speakers. If one needs to know something about the bard, everything is inside the book. It includes his biography, introduction to those times, characteristics of the theatre, abstract of the plays and description of the characters» says Justin Case.

«I’m an English teacher and do my best to attract the pupil’s attention to the subject. I bought several books eventually. I prefer the traditional language, but some students just don’t get it. This side by side version allows students to appreciate Shakespeare’s work» says T. Browning from Kansas.

«It is both scholarly and entertaining for my students. The vocabulary of the Elizabethan era is very different from the modern one. Works that are hard to understand are printed on the right page. The books also include articles that are educational and amusing» says English teacher Paul Ross.

So, the best things about the «No Fear Shakespeare» series are its modern language, line-by-line translation, helpful commentaries, good quality and nice price.

5 Things Pro Essay Writers Like About 'No Fear Shakespeare' 2Reasons to Explore Shakespeare’s Legacy

Lots of people know William Shakespeare as the ‘father of English Literature’. He has always been a mysterious figure. Some researchers suggest that a group of writers was hiding under the name of Shakespeare, others assume that it was a woman. He stopped writing poetry and plays almost four centuries ago.  So, why is it interesting to study his works?

Firstly, Shakespeare managed to show all the main archetypes (models) of human relations. He borrowed plots from everywhere – from ancient legends and chronicles, from Renaissance short stories and poems. Storylines are extremely relevant. His themes are universal. They include revenge, marriage, power, loyalty and guilt.

These values don’t disappear over time and continue to exist in any society. Human nature remains the same. People’s behavior and its consequences are fully expressed. That is why his works are still vivid and alive.

Secondly, the characters are complex and deep. They are relatable and full of different traits. It gets everyone’s attention. There are murderers, lovers, servants and witches, etc. Shakespeare played with human emotions. Readers have deep admiration for the characters. Their characteristics and storytelling still inspire young writers and poets.

Whether characters are good or evil, they seem alive. They struggle as if they are real people.

Thirdly, Shakespeare’s quotes are known almost to everyone. People quote him constantly. Shakespeare coined such phrases as “love is blind”, “fair play” or “break the ice”. His metaphors have made everyone’s vocabulary richer. The words he uses are memorable and able to stick.

Final Thoughts

From «Romeo and Juliet» to «Macbeth», Shakespeare’s works are of high-value and beautifully poetic. He portrayed themes of human experience in a timeless way. They are relevant long after his death. Reading and analyzing Shakespeare gives an insight into the culture and society.

His works are significant for popular culture, but students wonder if it is necessary to read them. They complain that the language is barely recognizable. Thanks to ‘No Fear Shakespeare’ the whole process of reading is enjoyable and entertaining.

Shakespeare hasn’t lost his significance. References to his works appear in twenty-first-century culture constantly. Lots of popular movies and shows were inspired by his ideas. Moviemakers follow his lead. For example, the plot of «The Lion King» is based on «Hamlet». «10 Things I Hate About You» is based on «The Taming of the Shrew».

«Game of Thrones» has some similarities with «Lady Macbeth». Allusions to Shakespeare show up everywhere. He brings the readers witches and ghosts, fighting and romance.

Shakespeare’s works are still valuable. People all over the world refer to his storylines and see themselves in his characters. All of them are timeless.

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