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5 Important Things to Do Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty

You’re excited about the upcoming rhinoplasty and how you will look and feel once the recovery period is over. While looking forward to the changes that the surgery will bring, it pays to make some preparations before the day of the procedure arrives.

Here are a few  more important things about rhinoplasty you will find on the list of things to do provided by Kristina Zakhary, plastic surgeon.

Arrange for Time away from Work

On average, it’s a good idea to plan on taking a week to ten days off from work. That provides time for the swelling to subside and for any discomfort to ease. Any bruising or discoloration will also fade during this time. Remember that like any type of invasive procedure, your body needs time to recover after undergoing rhinoplasty; if you are at home, it’s easier to limit tasks and spend more time resting.

Set Up Transportation To and From the Procedure

One of the things that Kristina Zakhary, plastic surgeon requires of all patients is to have someone on hand who can make sure the patient gets home safely. Arrange for a friend or relative to bring you to the procedure and to drive you home afterward. The sedation used during the procedure will have lingering effects for several hours. During that time, your reflexes and response time make it unwise for you to be behind the wheel. Unless you have someone to handle the driving, you will not be allowed to leave.

Avoid Certain Prescription and Over the Counter Medications for a Few Days

Always go over any prescription or over the counter medications you take. Some of them may thin the blood while others may have sedative effects. It’s a good idea to taper off those in the days leading up to the rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will provide guidelines on when to resume taking those medicines.

Stop Using Tobacco Products

If you use tobacco products in any form, you want to stop using them several days before the procedure. Doing so reduces the potential for infection and makes it easier for your body to heal. Patients who need help dealing with nicotine cravings should consult the surgeon and discuss substitutes that would make it easier to do with the tobacco before and after the procedure.

Fill Pain and Other Prescriptions Ahead of Time

Before the day of your procedure, the surgeon will provide prescriptions to help reduce pain and inflammation during the recovery period. It’s a good idea to fill them in advance. You can bet that getting out of the house and going to the pharmacy will not be something you want to do in the days immediately after the surgery.

There are other ways you can prepare for the upcoming procedure. Go over the entire list with Kristina Zakhary, plastic surgeon and make sure you understand what to do and how they will help make your recovery easier. Follow those instructions to the letter and you’ll be ready to jump back into your normal routine in no time.

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