Sunday, December 10, 2023

100-plus ancient epigraphs return home from US (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of the arrival home from the US of 108 Persian epigraphs dug out decades ago in Chogha Mish Hills in southern Iran.

Iran welcomed on Wednesday the return home of some 108 precious historical inscriptions which were excavated in southern Iran in 1937 and transferred to America.

Joint archeological excavations carried out in Chogha Mish Hills by Iran and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago produced 264 invaluable inscriptions before the Second World War.

Chogha Mish Hills are located in the city of Dezful which dates back to 5,400 years ago. The hills are of great importance to archeologists because they offer information about the development of writing.

Photos of the arrival of the epigraphs to Iran from America by the Islamic Republic News Agency:

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