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10 Questions That Will Help You Assess Calibre of RoR Developer

An RoR Developer is responsible for developing back-end components, connecting the application with other web services, and more tasks.

Hence, it is essential to know whether the person is capable of doing the job. Since the goal of the framework is to reduce the time and effort required to build a web application, there is always a burden on the developer and their knowledge of the structure. 

The best way you can hire Ruby on Rails experts is by asking questions based on the framework. 

Given below are some questions you may want to ask in the interview and the answers that show the true worth of an RoR Developer.

The Comprehensive List of Top-10 Ruby On Rails Questions

10 Questions That Will Help You Assess Calibre of RoR Developer1. What is the Strength of Ruby on Rails (ROR)?

Learning a language and understanding what it does are two different contexts. A developer should be able to explain the strength and weaknesses of the language. Given below are some of the points you may expect from an RoR Developer.

  • It has a vast library of tools, functions, and plug-ins, which helps in quicker coding
  • It is readable and straightforward, which makes detecting fault, and debugging easy
  • ROR allows its users to create their custom code for a project and then use it later for another project
  • It is an open-source program and has a helpful community
  • It has some security features built into the framework and enabled by default which makes it secure

2. What do you Know About Rack?

A Developer should not only be able to explain or describe the basic structure of RoR, but s/he should also be able to develop an application through it. As Rack is the underlying technology behind all of the web frameworks, one must surely know about it. You may also ask them to define Rack.

Here are some answers that you can expect.

  • The Rack is a Ruby interface that connects web applications and web servers.
  • The Rack is an architecture that defines a straightforward interface.
  • It is a minimal interface between the webservers which supports Ruby and its frameworks.

3. What do You Think About Ruby Gems?

An RoR Developer should know why Ruby Gems are useful. So, by asking this question, you can understand how they view this function. You should not only ask for their views but instead, ask them how it works and if they can explain the basic structure of it. 

Given are some points an RoR Developer may say for this topic.

  • It is a package manager for the programming language.
  • It is a tool designed to easily manage and distribute gems.
  • It provides a standard format for distributing programs and libraries of gems.

4. How Can You Make an Application Secure?

An RoR Developer must know how to make an application secure as it is a crucial factor. They should understand the importance of security. Here are some questions you may ask for security.

  • Explain the difference between SQL injection and XSS injection.

SQL injection targets databases of websites directly, whereas XSS injection redirects the end-user to a phishing page to easily access all data. 

  • What is the need for HTTPS instead of HTTP?

HTTPS uses TLS to encrypt HTTP requests and hence is more secure. 

  • Explain how to store secure data such as passwords

The best way of storing data is by salting and hashing. 

10 Questions That Will Help You Assess Calibre of RoR Developer

5.Tell me About the MVC Architecture.

Since ROR has Model View Controller architecture, a Developer needs to explain it. 

You can expect the following answer.

  • MVC has three interconnected layers
  • This structure breaks the complex systems into a simplified structure
  • It is capable of maintaining and facilitating the decoupling and testing process

6. What do You Know About Active Records?

A good Developer will quickly understand the model part of an application and write the least possible codes in Active Record models. Here are some points the developers may talk about.

  • It is the layer of the system responsible for representing business data and logic
  • Active Record maintains and helps to creates frequently required business objects of a database
  • It provides an interface and binding between the tables in a relational database

7. What Tasks Should You Pay Attention to While Writing the Rails Application?

You cannot give a job to a person who doesn’t know where the attention is needed while writing an application. You can also ask them to write one for you. Here are some essential points that you may expect from an RoR Developer.

  • Attention must be paid to describe and model the domain of the application
  • One must pay attention to specify what can be done in the area and its critical factors
  • Close attention must be paid to the views of the design available from those who have considered the same

8. Explain the Purpose a Few Directories

As the interviewee has a good knowledge of the language, try to ask some questions from the inside of the language. Explained here are two directories and their purpose.

  • App – It is responsible for organizing components in the application, and exact display templates and fills them with the data that belong to a different framework
  • Components – holds tiny self-contained applications that bundle model, view, and controller

9. What is the Role of Garbage in RoR?

A ROR developer should know about the importance and the function of garbage. You might expect the following from the interviewee.

  • It allows the removal of the pointer values that are left behind when the execution of the program ends
  • Garbage allows the programmer to focus on other things instead of tracking dynamically created objects during runtime
  • It provides a provision to remove the inaccessible objects from the storage for other processes to use it

10. Can You Make or Rework a Program?

In the end, you can ask developers to make a specific program. It can help you understand if they can provide practical results. Check the following, though.

  • The program should be able to update or delete tasks
  • Comments can be added to a task
  • Able to mark a task as done

You can also hand a program to the developers and ask them to improve the program. 


Whether you want to hire a ROR developer, or need to hire Python experts, you must ask the right questions. Moreover, having a hub where you can find a lot of developers will help you acquire the RoR Developer for your need.


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