Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘Wind’ Painting Exhibition Underway in Tehran

A painting exhibition entitled “Wind” is currently underway in Tehran, displaying works by Shohreh Mehran.

In the painting, Iranian high school girls can be seen wearing uniforms on the streets of Tehran, but their face or behaviour is not recognisable.

The special attribute of this collection is the presence of a natural element that is not clearly evident, but plays an important role. The wind, without being seen in the picture, could be felt as it disrupts the order of the elements in the works.

The scarves on the students’ head, not deliberately, have concealed their faces. Here, without seeing faces, one can visualise the laughter or anger and see their different reactions.

In the works of Shohreh Mehran, most of the subjects have no visible face. The audience either can see their backs or the subjects have covered their faces with their hands when tidying their scarves. But this time an external element such as the wind has covered their faces.

Removing women’s faces and putting them under cover gives them an identical identity that enhances their homogeneity in their uniforms.

The painting exhibition will run through November 19 at E’temad Gallery.

What follows are Honar Online’s photos of the exhibition:

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