Monday, December 11, 2023

What Fox News Calls ‘Suspicious Nuclear Site’ Was Filming Location: Iran

Iran’s UN mission in New York has dashed a report by Fox News on unusual activity at Sanjarian site at a location outside the Iranian capital Tehran, saying it was being used as a filming location.

“A few days ago, Fox News published an exclusive report, accompanied with satellite images, on unusual activity around Sanjarian site in Jajroud. But the images were in fact related to vehicles and equipment at the filming location of “N. Kh.” TV series and its crew,” tweeted Shahrokh Nazemi, the head of the media office of the Permanent Mission of Iran to the UN.

The Fox News cited joint analysis of satellite images by the Intel Lab and the Institute from Science and International Security. Fox News said the images show 18 vehicles at the site in October 2020. It said a new access road was constructed at Sanjarian site and there were more vehicles and excavations in January 2021, which were then covered up in March.

Nazemi also re-tweeted a post by the ResindScientist page that shared YouTube videos of the site showing the excavation site was used as a TV series filming location.

The page also mentioned the vehicles and the trenches, saying they also appear to be part of the filming.

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