Sunday, December 10, 2023

US Wish to Bring Back Iran Sanctions Just A Dream: Tehran

An Iranian official says the United States keeps dreaming if it can reinstate sanctions on Iran, but that is not going to come true.

Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei says Washington has not learned a lesson from its failures.

“These sanctions are to be reinstated only in the [US] secretary of state’s dream world. Of course, the unruly US regime has proven that these defeats have failed to put an end to its dreams, and it will press ahead with its efforts,” he said.

He underscored that US threats have been a non-starter as the international community are not giving in to those threats.

“The threats they have made coupled with the fuss they have kicked up have not only failed to force us into submission, but have not replaced international rules and regulations, either. The world is standing up [to these threats],” he said.

Rabiei underlined that the White House cannot change the reality that world nations are defying its unilateral policies and excessive demands.

“We believe the United States’ insistence cannot change this reality either. Washington can neither deny nor cover up that fact that world nations and governments at the UN Security Council gave a loud ‘NO’ to the bullying US to make it understand this reality,” said the spokesman.

He urged countries to distance themselves from the United States’ illegal moves.
“We are monitoring the behaviour of all countries. We regard any compliance with this unilateral law-breaking as violation of the most obvious consensus of the international community about international regulations, and, if needed, we will respond proportionately,” he noted.

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