Monday, September 26, 2022

US Will Have to Kneel Down, Lift Iran Sanctions: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says he is confident that the United States will finally have to kneel down before the Iranian nation and abandon its sanctions.

In comments on Monday, President Rouhani referred to the failure of former US President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” against Iran as well as his defeat in the US elections as a victory for the Iranian nation.

“That butcher and murderer was toppled, and the new US administration has confessed four times that the previous administration’s maximum pressure was wrong,” Rouhani said, describing them as two achievements for Iran.

“It is our biggest success in history that, as a result of the Iranian nation’s resilience, they admitted their pressure and sanctions have been futile,” the president said.

He also vowed that the Islamic Republic will be in a better situation this year in terms of the removal of sanctions and its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m confident that the world and the US will have to kneel down before this great nation, and abandon the cruel sanctions,” he added.

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