US Republican presidential candidate criticizes Biden’s Iran payment

Governor of the US State of Florida and the Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has voiced strong criticism against President Joe Biden’s handling of Tehran, accusing him of succumbing to "Iran’s tactics of blackmail and extortion".

In a tweet, DeSantis expressed concerns over the recent $6 billion payment, which he argues could inadvertently support “Iran’s nuclear ambitions, terrorism, and oppressive actions”.

“The $6 billion ransom payment will help Iran build nuclear weapons, support terrorism, oppress the Iranian people, and assist Russia,” DeSantis said.

“Biden’s appeasement and weakness emboldens Iran to attack us and our allies, and facilitates Iran becoming closer than ever to nuclear weapons,” he added.

The comments come amid growing debates over the administration’s approach to foreign policy and national security.

DeSantis’s tweet accuses Biden of rewarding Iran for its alleged hostage-taking incidents, a move he claims could potentially incentivize further acts of hostage-taking.

“Biden is shamefully caving to Iran’s blackmail and extortion,” DeSantis added, noting, “Rewarding Iran for taking Americans hostage incentivizes more hostage-taking.”

The governor’s sentiments reflect concerns within certain circles that the payment lacks transparency and accountability, potentially setting a dangerous precedent.

“The $6 billion ransom payment will help Iran build nuclear weapons, support terrorism, oppress the Iranian people, and assist Russia,” DeSantis’s tweet stated.

His comments highlight the broader apprehension that the situation could pose risks to global stability and security.

The governor’s tweet also addresses the perceived obsession with “disastrous deals” that he contends endanger national security.

He calls for a shift towards a stance of “maximum pressure” to counter “Iran’s perceived malign influence”.

“Biden must stop obsessively pursuing disastrous deals that endanger our security,” DeSantis continued, adding, “It is time to stand up to Iran with maximum pressure and roll back Iran’s malign influence.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced the process of releasing billions of dollars from the assets of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which were illegally seized in South Korea by the United States for several years, has begun.

The ministry issued a statement on Thursday night, saying, “Iran has received the necessary assurances regarding America’s commitment to its obligations in this matter.”

The statement reads, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has long prioritized the lifting of restrictions on the financial resources of the Islamic Republic of Iran that have been unlawfully blocked or made difficult to access by foreign banks due to concerns over the cruel sanctions imposed by the United States.”

It went on to reiterate that, “The decision on how to utilize these unfrozen resources and financial assets lies with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The competent authorities will allocate these resources to address the various needs of the country.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also said “the release of several innocent Iranian prisoners who have been unlawfully detained in the United States for years under false accusations of circumventing American sanctions, will be realized in the near future.”

The ministry statement added “that prisoners sought by the United States still remain in Iran.”

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