Thursday, December 1, 2022

US Remarks on Iran’s Fight against COVID-19 ‘Demagoguery’

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed the meddlesome and hateful statements of the US Secretary of State and the State Department spokesperson on Iran’s fight against coronavirus, saying such demagoguery remarks show the hatemongering nature of the US regime.

In a Tuesday statement, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said the US government is not legally in a position to comment on Iran’s actions because of its conscious threatening to endanger the health of the Iranian people through economic and medical terrorism and committing crimes against humanity as well as its poor performance in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak inside the United States.

He said while the United States has the largest number of people infected with the Coronavirus, and the slogan of America First has just been achieved during this misery, and the American people are living in extremely dire conditions, US State Department officials are commenting on Iran’s actions to counter the virus based on false information by deceitful people and anti-Iranian lobbyists.

“The US government has acknowledged that in recent years it has spent at least $ 9 trillion to interfere in the internal affairs of the Middle Eastern countries to create insecurity and instability there. It included spending on creating and reinforcing terrorist groups such as ISIS and the disgraceful deal of the century that was born dead. Of that stunning amount, just $ 3 trillion was spent during Donald Trump’s first three years in office.”

He went on to say that if these extraordinarily heavy costs were spent for tens of millions of poor, vulnerable, and homeless people of the United States – not elsewhere in the world -, we wouldn’t have witnessed American nurses crying about the lack of treatment facilities. We wouldn’t have seen the medical staff wearing garbage bags, and we wouldn’t have witnessed the patients crying in a country that claims to be [hotbed] of prosperity, welfare, and human rights.

“Such blatant remarks cannot hide the Trump administration’s weak performance in dealing with the coronavirus, bad economic and stock market conditions in the country, and domestic pressure in the months leading up to the US presidential election or the crisis outside the US from public view,” added Mousavi.

In the end, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said all elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the support of the Iranian people, would deal with the coronavirus in face of unilateral, cruel and illegal US sanctions, and emerge victorious out of this tough test.

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