Wednesday, October 5, 2022

US Puppet States in Region behind Ahvaz Attack: Iran Leader

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the US puppet states in the region were behind the deadly terrorist attack on a military parade in Iran’s Ahvaz, which killed and wounded dozens of people on Saturday.

In a message, Ayatollah Khamenei said the terrorist attack was the last in a series of plots hatched by the US’ puppet states in the region, which are resolved to create insecurity in Iran.

“However, to their dismay, Iran will continue its path … and defeat enemies once again,” the Leader vowed.

The Leader said the “savage mercenaries who open fire on innocent women, children and civilians are affiliated with the liars and hypocrites who claim to be advocates of human rights.”

Their hearts, filled with grudge, can’t see the manifestation of Iran’s military power, he said, referring to the military parade underway in Ahvaz, when the terrorists started their attack. The nationwide parades marked the anniversary of the day when Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein started a war on Iran back in 1980.

The Leader finally expressed sympathy with the families of those martyred in the attack, and urged intelligence bodies to immediately and accurately chase the trails of the criminals, and have them punished by the country’s powerful Judiciary.

Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had ordered the country’s security forces to use all their power to identify and punish those behind the attack.

Rouhani made the order in a phone conversation with Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi. He told the intelligence minister to mobilize all the facilities available to immediately find the leaders who plotted the attack, and give them a decisive lesson.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s response to the smallest threats would be crushing, but those who provide these terrorists with intelligence and media support must be accountable,” he added.

Reports say 25 people have been killed and over 60 wounded in the attack claimed by Al-Ahwazi terrorist group.

Terrorists, wearing the uniforms of Iranian Armed Forces, opened fire on the parade’s podium, but failed to get closer to the parade. Two of them were later killed, one wounded and arrested, and another arrested alive.

Several Dead, Wounded in Terrorist Attack on Military Parade in Iran

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