Monday, November 28, 2022

“US, Israel Could be Plotting to Disintegrate Saudi Arabia by 2030”

A senior Iranian commander says there is a possibility that the US and Israel want to disintegrate Saudi Arabia by 2030.

Major General Yahya Safavi, an advisor to Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei,touched upon a report by the US, saying the survey suggests there will be no regime with the name “Al Saud” in the Middle East by 2030, and that there is a possibility of Saudi Arabia’s disintegration.

“We Muslims are all of the opinion that the integrity of the Arabian Peninsula and of Mecca and Medina must be preserved. However, the Americans and Zionists want to drag Saudi rulers into annihilation with their own despotic acts, tyranny and plots,” he underscored, according to a Farsi report by Fars.

He then touched upon the Arab League’s recent anti-Iran statement, saying, “It is a major disgrace for certain governments to be in the pay of Saudi dollars and call Hezbollah a terrorist entity.”

He then touched upon the recent victories by the resistance front in Syria, saying the Syrian popular forces along with Iranian military advisors and the Syrian army managed to retake large areas from militants.

The top commander then referred to the plight of Yemeni people who are under Saudi attacks.

“Millions of Yemeni children are exposed to diseases such as cholera and risk losing their lives due to illnesses and food shortages. How is it that the ministerial meeting of the Arab League hasn’t issued a statement to condemn Saudi atrocities and crimes, and has remained silent?” he asked ironically.

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