Friday, July 12, 2024

Turkey seizes secret database of Daesh: Report

Turkish intelligence agencies have, in an operation, gained access to a secret database of the Daesh terrorist group with the names of almost 10,000 so-called lone wolf terrorists, a Turkish newspaper has reported, citing security sources.

The dossier contained biographies of the repentant members of the terrorist organization, details about their special training, organizational skills and weapons used, as well as their nationality, family members, addresses and contacts, according to the report.

The hunt for the database reportedly started with a phone call in the Tajik language wiretapped by the Turkish intelligence agencies. It was revealed that the Daesh was negotiating the sale of some kind of “cargo” and that the exchange would take place in Istanbul.

However, neither the contents of the “cargo” nor when the exchange would take place was known. The “cargo” turned out to be an electronic data carrier containing the biographical data of 9,952 terrorists scattered around the world. These people, who were called “lone wolves,” had not been previously compromised and were able to conduct attacks alone.

Multiple intelligence services, including the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, the United Kingdom’s MI6 and Israel’s Mossad have been conducting counterintelligence and espionage activities against Daesh for many years with a purpose of infiltration, the daily reported. Dozens of their special agents under various fake names traveled to the mountains of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan trying to get access to the dossier.

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