Sunday, October 2, 2022

Traditional Sugar Producing; A Disappearing Iranian Profession

Traditional sugar producing, which is based on planting and harvesting sugar canes and processing them to produce sugar, is among professions that are fading away in Iran.

Davoud Alizadeh is a 58-year-old farmer in northern Iran. He is from a village in Sowme’eh Sara town in the northern province of Gilan. He has been planting sugar cane and producing sugar in a traditional way for about 40 years. According to him, all the villagers are involved in farming sugar cane and have their own traditional sugar-producing workshops.

Alizadeh says after harvesting and drying the canes, he and the villagers have to work non-stop for about 10 hours to produce sugar. During the process, they have to actively oversee and put hard efforts into completing the process to produce sugar.

The pictures below, retrieved from IRNA, portray a detailed process of traditional sugar producing:

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