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Israel-Palestine Relations

Hamas Chief Calls Zarif to Brief Him on Jerusalem Tensions

In a telephone conversation on Monday night, Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh briefed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on the latest situation in the occupied territories and the usurping Zionist regime's attacks against Palestinians as well as the Palestinian people's all-out resistance.

Morocco Decried for Making Anti-Iran, Pro-Israel Remarks in Talks with AIPAC

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has slammed the anti-Iran and pro-Israel remarks made by the Moroccan foreign minister in an online conversation with members of the Zionist lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Israel’s Downward Spiral Has Begun: Iran’s Leader

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Leader says the downward spiral of the Israeli regime has started and will not stop.

Iran Urges Int’l Community to Counter Israeli Atrocities against Palestine

The Iranian president has called on the international community to confront the Israeli regime's atrocities against Palestinians.

Some Regional Leaders Dividing Muslim World: Iran’s Qalibaf

The Iranian parliament speaker says a handful of Islamic heads of state have set the precedent of sowing discord in the Muslim world by turning their back on the principle of unity among Muslims.

‘Iran Must Praise Kuwait, Saudi for Rejecting Peace with Israel’

An Iranian political analyst and author believes that Tehran must stop adopting a negative approach towards Arab states and hail Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for refusing to normalize their relations with Israel.

Leader Vows Iran’s Unwavering Support for Palestine‌

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has reaffirmed the country’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian people and defensing their rights in the battle with Israel.

Iran Urges OIC to Push for Referendum in Palestine

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs has taken part in an extraordinary ministerial meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Executive Committee on Israeli threats to annex parts of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Iranian Jewish MP Urges Fellow Jews to Rise Up against Zionism

The only Jewish member of the Iranian Parliament has called on the followers of Judaism across the globe to revolt against the Zionist regime “disaster” and support the Palestinian nation.

Iran Leader Says ‘Virus of Zionism’ Will Be Eliminated

Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the "virus of Zionism" will not last long and will be eliminated in the not-too-distant future.

Rouhani Urges Iranians to Once Again Voice Full Support for Palestinians

The Iranian president has called on Iranian people from different walks of life to once again express their support in unison for the oppressed Palestinian nation on the International Quds Day.

Iran’s Top General Says End of Israel Imminent

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, says the Palestinian intifada has entered a new critical phase and the end of the Israeli occupation is very close.

Iranian Lawmakers Endorse Anti-Israel Motion ahead of Quds Day

The Iranian Parliament has endorsed an anti-Israel motion which outlines the manner of confrontation on the national and international scale with the Tel Aviv regime’s “atrocities”.

Iran Urges Int’l Support for Palestine Liberation on ‘Nakba Day’

Iran has condemned the Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian land and voiced its support for Palestinian people.

Iran Calls Off Nationwide Anti-Israel ‘Quds Day’ Rallies over Pandemic

Iran says the International Quds Day rallies, annually held across the country on the last Friday of Ramadan, will only be held in 132 “white” counties and "low-risk" areas this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Deal of the Century’ to Further Unite Palestinians: Iran FM

Iran’s foreign minister says the so-called “Deal of the Century” plan can bring Palestinians closer together to press ahead with their resistance.

OIC Rejects Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ for Middle East

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has rejected US President Donald Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” on the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Iraq’s Top Cleric Rejects Trump’s ‘Unjust’ Plan for Palestine

Iraq's prominent Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has condemned US President Donald Trump’s so-called deal of the century on the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating that the “unjust” initiative seeks to legitimize further occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli regime.

Iran Deplores Trump’s Shameful ‘Treason of the Century’

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has deplored the so-called deal of the century proposed by the US as “the treason of the century”, expressing Tehran’s readiness to cooperate with the regional states to foil such major plot against the Islamic community.

President Rouhani Says KL Summit Must Focus on Plight of Palestine

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has emphasized that the issue of Palestine should come under the spotlight in the ongoing KL Summit 2019 in Malaysia.

Iran Condemns US Legitimization of Illegal Israeli Settlements

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has condemned remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who said recently that Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian lands is not in violation of international law.

US, Israel Seeking to Consign Palestine Issue to Oblivion: Iran

The Iranian president has warned against the US and Israeli policies to relegate the issue of Palestine to oblivion.

Iran Condemns Netanyahu’s ‘Sinister’ Annexation Plan

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has strongly condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “sinister plan” to annex the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

‘Deal of Century’: Removing Palestine from World’s Map

The “Deal of the Century” was orchestrated by the United States and Israel in order to remove Palestine from the geography of the world.

Muslim Unity Key to Ending Israeli Tyranny against Palestine: Zarif

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on the Muslim world to unite against the Israeli regime’s tyranny against Palestinians, preventing Tel Aviv and Washington from imposing the “Humiliation of the Century” on Palestine.

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