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Iran's Nature

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Shourmast Lake

Shourmast Lake is the only natural lake in Savadkuh County of Iran’s northern Mazandaran province, with an area of 15,000 square metres and a depth of 5 metres.

Symphony of Clouds in Skies of Iranian Village

Filband is a village near the northern Iranian city of Babol in Mazandaran Province. The village is famous for its skies which are full of interconnected cumulus clouds.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Bisheh Waterfall

The Bisheh plain and waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Lorestan province, western Iran.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Colourful Mountains

Iran’s Colourful Mountains, locally known as Ala Daghlar, are located 25 km to the northeast of Tabriz in the country’s northwest.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Indian lotus in Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon in Iran’s northern port city of Bandar Anzali annually attracts thousands of tourists visiting its beautiful Indian lotus flowers in summer.

Perseids Meteor Shower in Iran Central Deserts (Photos)

The Perseids meteor shower, an annual event that peaks around mid-August, is regarded as one of the brightest and most visible meteor showers.

Tourists Amazed by Lotus Lagoons in Northern Iran

The northern Iranian province of Mazandaran is home to beautiful lagoons, the surface of which is decorated with a large number of lotuses. They provide visitors with spectacular scenery during summer.

Paradise on Earth: Asalem-Khalkhal Road in Northern Iran

Asalem-Khalkhal Road is one of the most alluring roads of Iran to travel on. If you travel once along the road, you will never forget its unique beauty.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Spring in Neyshabur

Neyshabur or Nishapur is a city in Khorasan Razavi province, east of Iran. The region, situated in a fertile plain at the foot of the Binalud Mountains, is quite pleasing to tourists in spring.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Sattarkhan Reservoir

The reservoir created by the Sattarkhan dam on the Aharchay river in northwestern Iran not only supplies water for citizens of Ahar and the suburbs, but also irrigates 12,000 hectares of gardens around the lake.

Shoy Waterfall, Largest of Its Kind in Middle East

Shoy Waterfall, which is located near the city of Dezful in southwestern Iran, is the biggest natural waterfall in the Middle East.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kordestan Province

Kordestan province in western Iran is widely known for its beautiful landscapes, the unique architecture of its villages, and its historic buildings and monuments.

National Festival of Salt Statues in Eastern Iran

Over 30 groups of artists gathered in Iran’s eastern province South Khorasan to build and display their salt statues in a national festival held in the past weekend.

Spring in Baharestan, North of Iran

Baharestan is a village in northern Iranian province of Guilan. The province is next to the Caspian Sea and enjoys attractive natural sites.

Beauty of Spring in Iran’s Gorgan

Gorgan, the provincial capital of Golestan province in northeastern Iran, is next to the Caspian Sea and enjoys attractive natural sites.

Rapeseed Fields in Northern Iran

Rapeseed, a bright-yellow flowering plant, is considered the third-largest source of vegetable oil and one of the oldest ones in the world.

Iran’s President Plants Tree on National Arbour Day

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and a number of other officials each planted a tree sapling on March 5 to mark the National Arbour Day.

Iranian MP Calls for Promotion of Tree Planting Culture among People

An Iranian lawmaker says the culture of tree planting is required to be promoted among the people, stressing that planting tree saplings should not be only exclusive to the National Arbour Day, annually marked in Iran on March 5.

Tehran’s Longest Cave in Austria Caving Guidebook

An Austrian caver has published the map of Burnik, the longest cave of Tehran, in an Austrian caving guidebook.

Miankaleh: A Heavenly Sanctuary in Iran

Miankaleh is a natural wildlife refuge in northern Iran with more than 260 bird species.

The Nomads of Arasbaran

Arasbaran, a beautiful region of East Azerbaijan province, is seasonally home to about 23,500 nomads. They have preserved their traditional lifestyles, moving from one place to another in different seasons. In summer, they graze their livestock in the heights of the Arasbaran hills, moving down to the banks of the Aras River in winter.

Aali Mohammad Valley; Amazing Phenomenon in Qeshm Island

Aali Mohammad Valley, located in the western part of Qeshm island, spans along a north-south line. This amazing Natural phenomenon attracts many tourists every year.

Chal-Nakhjir Cave in Photos

Natural ventilation of the cave keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Iran’s Most Dangerous Cave in Photos

Images of Parau Cave, Iran's deepest and most dangerous cave in Kermanshah province, west of country.

Iran in Photos: Jashak Salt Dome

Images of Jashak Salt Dome in the southwestern Iranian Province of Bushehr.

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