Sunday, September 25, 2022

Alluring Beauty of Autumn in Iran’s Rudbar

The city of Rudbar, located in the southernmost part of Gilan province in northern Iran, is far away from the sea unlike many other parts of the province, but it still enjoys fascinating forests which become extremely charming during autumn.

Rudbar means the land of rivers, and the name refers to the plenty of rivers flowing in the region.

The city is also widely known for its rich olive gardens and high-quality olive. It’s interesting to know that it is sometimes known as the Olive Rudbar to distinguish it from Alamut Rudbar in Qazvin province.

Rubar, located along Tehran-Rasht highway, is about 268 kilometres away from Tehran and 60 kilometres away from Rasht.

The following photos from ILNA depict the beauty of Rudbar in autumn:

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