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Tehran’s Niavaran Palace Hosting Ceramics Biennial 21

Tehran’s Niavaran Palace Hosting Ceramics Biennial

A national ceramics exhibition has been opened in Niavaran Cultural Centre, north of Tehran.
13th Int’l Tourism Exhibition Kicks Off in Tehran

13th Int’l Tourism Exhibition Kicks Off in Tehran

The 13th International Tourism Exhibition and the 33rd edition of the National Handicrafts Exhibition of Iran have gotten underway simultaneously in Tehran since Wednesday, February 12.
11 Countries to Attend Iran LABEXPO 2019

11 Countries to Attend Iran LAB EXPO 2019

Business people and investors from 11 countries are going to participate in the 7th edition of the Iranian Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals Exhibition (Iran LABEXPO 2019) on December 17-20.
persian carpet-isfahan

Isfahan Hosting Exhibition of Exquisite Handmade Carpets

The 22nd edition of Isfahan Handmade Carpet Exhibition is underway in the city’s International Exhibitions Centre.

International Sculpture Symposium Underway in Tehran

The ninth edition of Tehran Sculpture Symposium is underway here in the Iranian capital, bringing together dozens of artists from across the world.

Bread, Grain Industry Exhibit Opens in Tehran

The 12th International Bread, Flour and Grain Industry Exhibition has kicked off in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Tehran Hosting Handmade Carpet Exhibition

The 28th edition of Tehran Handmade Carpet Exhibition has opened in the Iranian capital, showcasing a wide range of products from Iran's carpet industry.

Tehran Hosting Annual Handicrafts Expo

The 32nd edition of Iran’s National Handicrafts Exhibition has gotten underway in capital Tehran.

Tehran Hosting 3rd Exhibition of ‘Press Photo of Year’

The 3rd edition of “Press Photo of the Year” exhibition has opened in Tehran, putting on display 169 photographs selected from among 4,000 photos submitted in five sections.
A Feature on Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum (APIF)

A Feature on Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum (APIF)

The first edition of the Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum (APIF) was held in the Iranian capital of Tehran earlier this week by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.