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Customs and Traditions

No Men in the Village during Varf Chal: Locals Mark 600-Year-Old Ceremony

Every spring, people in Ab-e Ask, a village near the city of Amol in the northern province of Mazandaran, host a 600-year-old ceremony called "Varf Chal", literally translated as "snow storing".

Love, Mysticism, Dance and Sama in an Ancient Ritual to the Antiquity of Persia

Ouraman Takht, a small town with a population of 2,000, lies near the city of Sarvabad in Kurdistan Province. It is known for its history, and for its Pir Shalyar ceremonies. Ouraman seems to be as old as time itself – documented sources date it back more than 1,300 years. Based on locals’ claims, the ceremony has been performed for nearly 900 years.

Former rough sleepers, special guests of a wedding in Tehran (PHOTOS)

Humans should be committed to lofty human objectives and should empathize with those who have been subjected to social harms, the bride said.

Local dolls narrate joys, sorrows of rural women (PHOTOS)

These dolls are environment friendly and carry rich cultural values.

Wedding traditions of Turkmens in Iran (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of a Turkmen wedding party in Iran.

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