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The most beautiful photos of autumn

Iran’s Beauties in Photos Autumn in Golestan Forest (26)

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Autumn in Golestan Forest

Golestan Forest, the oldest registered national park of Iran and a unique wildlife sanctuary, is located in the country’s northeast.

Autumn in Hamadan

Photo by Aadel Bakhoda, IRNA
Pomegranate Paste; A Delicious Autumn Flavour (2)

Pomegranate Paste; A Delicious Autumn Flavour

Pomegranate paste is a popular flavouring in Persian cuisine, known as a basic ingredient of many delectable Iranian dishes with a mouth-watering aroma.
Autumn Leave under Snow

Tehran Citizens Surprised by First Autumn Snowfall

The first snowfall of autumn has blanketed many provinces of Iran, including the capital, Tehran, where citizens and officials have been surprised alike.
Gavkhouni Wetland (9)

Iran’ Beauties in Photos: Autumn in Gavkhouni Wetland

Registered as a wetland of international importance, Gavkhouni is a well-known pond in Isfahan province, the central plateau of Iran.

Pure Joy of Walking Streets of Tehran in Autumn

The colourful autumn of the Iranian capital provides tourists and citizens with a chance to go for a walk in the streets of Tehran.

Gorgan in Autumn; Perfect Destination for Nature Lovers

The city of Gorgan and its surrounding forests in northern Iran are highly attractive for tourists looking for the beauties of autumn.

Magnificence of Autumn in Four Corners of Iran

Autumn is known as the season when the leaves fall down and the nature dies before being born again. It is also seen as the time of plenty, a time for hard work, and a time when we wistfully watch the year fade into winter.

People Rejoice as Snow Covers Iran’s Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari

The recent autumn snowfall in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, southwestern Iran, has made people delightful.