Source: Iran calls for recognition of Palestinians’ right to self-defense

An informed source has expounded on the details of Iran’s proposal for Islamic and Arab countries to hold a summit in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on the issue of Palestine.

Riyadh is hosting a joint extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab League on Saturday to support Palestine and condemn Israeli crimes.

An informed source told Iranian Tasnim News Agency that Iran pursues two objectives in these talks.

First, Iran will call for the recognition of Palestinians’ right to self-defense like the Bosnia model in 1992 and urge Islamic states to take practical measures and offer armed assistance to defend Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.

Back in 1992 when Serbs were committing crimes against Muslims in Serbia, Bosnian people’s right to defend themselves was recognized at Iran’s suggestion, and arms aid to Bosnia repelled Serbs and led to a decrease in their crimes.

The second issue brought up by Iran in the preliminary meeting was a call for Islamic and Arab countries to boycott Israel, especially countries exporting oil to the Tel Aviv regime.

Other key issues were also discussed in the sessions, namely the need to stop allowing Israel to use the airspace of Muslim and regional countries and stop the supply of weapons from US bases in the region to the occupied territories.

Some countries, particularly those exporting crude to the occupying territories such as Turkey and the Azerbaijan Republic, have stopped short of cooperating on some of the issues brought up and have simply settled for condemning Israeli actions.

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