Sunday, January 29, 2023

Shahnaz music ensemble to go on stage in Germany

Iranian music group Shahnaz ensemble, led by traditional vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian, is to give concert in Germany.

The ensemble is scheduled to perform at Kolner Philharmonie, in the German city of Cologne on October 12.

The group will also represent traditional Iranian music in several other cities such as Audimax in Hamburg and Kurhaus Wiesbaden GmBH in Wiesbaden on October 18 and 19.

The world-renowned musician ensemble, Shahnaz, started its music tour at the Malmo Arena in Sweden on September 27. The band is to give concert at the Austria Center in Vienna today on October 11.

The group’s next stop will be in Edinburgh, Scotland on October 22, thereafter Foliese Bergere Hall in Paris will host the ensemble.

Composer and tar virtuoso Majid Derakhshani, kamancheh virtuoso Saeed Farajpouri and several other musicians are accompanying Shajarian on this tour.

The tour will come to an end at London’s Appolo Hammersmith on October 26.

Shajarian is known as Iran’s contemporary traditional music legendary who has invented new string instruments dubbed Bam Sorahi, Saghar and Kereshmeh, designed for traditional Persian music.

The maestro, Shajarian, was honored with UNESCO’s Mozart Medal in 2006 and the 1999 prestigious Golden Picasso Medal.

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