Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Russia slams US sanctions on Iran amid Vienna talks

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Russia’s ambassador to international organizations in Vienna has criticized the US for imposing new sanctions on Iran as Tehran and other signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal prepare for the Thursday talks in Vienna on the removal of Washington’s sanctions under the accord.

“Even amid Vienna Talks the US continued to introduce new sanctions while Iran continued to develop its nuclear programme. Not good,” Mikhail Ulyanov said in a tweet.

“It is high time to stop it in order to create better environment for speedy and successful restoration of JCPOA.”

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on 15 Iranian, Syrian and Ugandan individuals as part of Washington’s restrictions on Iranian state bodies and people with alleged human rights abuses. 

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh in reaction to the new bans said in a tweet that Washington fails to understand that its so-called’ maximum failure’ campaign and a diplomatic breakthrough are mutually exclusive.

Khatibzadeh said doubling down on sanctions won’t create leverage and is anything but seriousness and goodwill.

This comes as Tehran has openly declared that removal of all sanctions imposed by the US is a must for the revival of the nuclear deal.

Ulyanov also separately confirmed that informal discussions are underway on the resumption of the talks in Vienna. 

Iran said Tuesday that the discussions will resume Thursday after the European signatories to the nuclear deal called for a break in the talks for consultations with their capitals.

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