Wednesday, December 7, 2022

“Riyadh Must Get Out of Yemen Quagmire Instead of Threatening Tehran”

A leading Iraqi jurist and senior analyst says Saudi Arabia should first get rid of the quagmire of Yemen before threatening Iran with war.

Tariq Harb described Saudi Arabia’s threats against Iran as ridiculous and added it’s better for the kingdom to get rid of the deep quagmire in which it has sunk to the bottom.

“The threats and provocative statements by Saudi Arabian officials against the Islamic Republic of Iran are nothing but a series of media campaign,” he said in an interview with IRNA.

Harb also referred to the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen and the crimes committed by Saudi-led forces there and said the atrocities amount to international war crimes which can be prosecuted through legal and judiciary channels in international courts.

On the other hand, a member of Iraqi parliament’s foreign policy commission warned Saudi Arabia about its provocative policies including its threats against Iran and called on Saudi officials to learn from the fate of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Khaled Al-Assadi said like Saddam’s regime the Saudi Arabian rulers will get no benefit from such provocative policies in the region.

In his latest anti-Iran rhetoric, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman called for further pressure and economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. This comes as human rights activists throughout the world are calling for the trial of Saudi officials and their main sponsor, the US, over massacre of the Yemeni people in the past three years.

The statements come as in a sign of good faith, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran would be the first county defending Saudi Arabia if the country comes under any attack in the region.

During his US tour which wrapped up just recently, the Saudi crown prince warned that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran may indulge in war in the next 10-15 years if the international community fails to apply more sanctions to exert pressure on Tehran.

“If we don’t succeed in what we are trying to do [imposing sanctions on Iran], we will likely have war with Iran in 10-15 years,” he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

In response to the threats, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi described the Saudi crown prince as a naïve politician. He also quoted a poem by a leading classic Iranian poet to implicitly suggest that the Saudi Arabia is too week to get involved in a war with Iran and it is doomed to failure in case of waging a war.

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