Friday, May 24, 2024

President Raisi to Hams chief: Resistance leaders at forefront of sacrifice to liberate al-Quds

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi spoke to the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, on the phone on Friday and expressed condolences over the death of his sons and grandchildren in an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip.

President Raisi praised Haniyeh and other resistance leaders for showing patience over tragic incidents in Gaza, saying, “With the sacrifices the resistance leaders make along with their nations, they are at the forefront of liberating the Holy Al-Quds.”

Haniyeh’s three sons and four grandchildren were killed on Wednesday in an Israeli airstrike on a refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The Iranian president said, “The crime further revealed the brutality and child-killing nature of the regime which is a sign of the Zionists’ helplessness and failure in facing the resistance front.”

He also held Israel’s allies and “those who claim to advocate human rights” responsible in the crime due to their “inhumane support for the hated regime.”

Meanwhile, Haniyeh expressed gratitude to the Iranian president for his message of condolences, stating “The criminal Zionist enemy thinks it can disrupt our determination and our nation by targeting the children of resistance leaders, while the blood makes us stronger in the path of resistance.”

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