Monday, December 5, 2022

Pompeo Can Have Interview with Iran’s State TV: Spokesman

Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo can have an interview with Press TV’s Marzieh Hashemi if he is very much interested in an interview with Iran’s state TV.

“We are ready to watch the interview with Mr.

Pompeo conducted by Press TV’s anchor Marzieh Hashemi,” Rabiei told reporters on Sunday.

Hashemi had been jailed in the US without any charge for days and later freed amid public outcry.

Rabiei’s offer came days after US secretary of state said he would be willing to travel to Tehran to address the Iranian people about the US foreign policy as the Trump administration applies maximum pressure on the country to re-negotiate a nuclear accord.

“Sure, if that’s the call, happily go there,” Pompeo said in a TV interview.

Later on Sunday, Press TV Chief and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) World Service’s Director Peyman Jebelli said the TV channel has not called for conducting any interview with the US top diplomat.

“We have not yet made any demand in this regard and there is no plan for such an interview,” he was quoted as saying.

Pompeo’s calls for an interview with Iranian media seem to be caused by his outrage over Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s illuminating interviews with the US media.

In his Sunday comments, Rabiei said such interviews by Iranian diplomats, particularly FM Zarif, have thwarted the US’ efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic.

Rabiei was referring to Zarif’s recent visits to the US and four other countries in Latin America and Africa and the interviews he had with a number of mainstream media outlets including CNN and NBC News.

“The initiatives of Iran’s top diplomat have led the US secretary of state to call for interviews with Iranian media outlets,” the spokesman said.

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