Monday, January 17, 2022

Palestinian youth burnt to death at Israeli checkpoint

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A Palestinian man has burned to death in his car after he was shot at by Israeli soldiers near a military checkpoint in north of the West Bank.

Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian youth in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin after his car was fired at over what they claimed to be a car-ramming attack on their checkpoint.

Palestine’s official WAFA news agency reported the Palestinian, identified as Abd al-Aziz Hekmat Mousa, was killed on Tuesday evening when his car was caught on fire near the Israeli military checkpoint of Dotan in the town of Ya’bad, southwest of the city of Jenin.

Citing local sources, WAFA added the Israeli soldiers had opened fire at the car following an alleged car-ramming attack by the 22-year-old.

Israeli media claimed that the forces opened fire at the driver after he had accelerated toward their guard post and “tried to run over a number of Israeli soldiers”. The vehicle then crashed into a military jeep, causing both to catch on fire.

Israeli reports said the Palestinian driver of the car lost his life inside it after it caught on fire. They also added two soldiers were lightly injured in the incident.

The latest killing comes as the Israeli regime has amended its open-fire rules, allowing forces to shoot Palestinian protesters who throw rocks and stones in the occupied West Bank even if they do not pose an imminent threat. Israel has long been criticized for using excessive and deadly force against Palestinians.

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