Monday, March 4, 2024

Netanyahu is not fit to lead Israel: Lapid

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid has called on National Unity ministers Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot and Gideon Sa’ar to leave the coalition government, stressing that this government is not qualified to lead the war in the Gaza Strip and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not qualified to lead the country.

Lapid has called on Gantz, Eizenkot and Saar to leave the government.

“The government is not capable of leading the country, and Netanyahu is not fit to lead the country,” Lapid argued.

He added his Yesh Atid party was ready to support a change of government either through elections or by forming an alternative government.

Lapid stated that the three ministers entered the government “because they believed it was for the good of the country, but they cannot support it”.

“As long as they are there, as long as they sit under Netanyahu, they give it legitimacy,” he continued.

Netanyahu has recently stated that he will not resign from office after facing criticism for failing to anticipate the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

Multiple opinion polls suggest national favor toward Netanyahu and his governing coalition is collapsing, despite continued overwhelming support in Israel for the war on Hamas.

According to a new survey, only 15 percent of Israelis want Netanyahu to remain in office after the Gaza war. Despite the low number, many more still support his war on Gaza, according to the Reuters news agency, which cited a new poll by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI).

Netanyahu’s political rival and present war cabinet partner, Gantz, garnered support from 23 percent of interviewees. About 30 percent named no preferred leader.

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