Friday, December 2, 2022

IS is neither Islamic, nor a state: Iranian deputy FM

Iranian diplomat slams IS as a terrorist entity that has nothing to do with Islam.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araghchi said Friday “Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state – rather it is a terrorist entity.”

According to Fars News Agency, the Iranian diplomatwho was speaking at the UN Security Council said Tehran strongly rejects any association between the Muslim faith and acts of violence and savagery “this despised grouping” commits in the name of Islam.

He slammed the so-called Islamic State as a terrorist entity that has emerged from the chaos stoked by support for militant groups in the past decade.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister said failure of extremism is in the best interests of all of us. “Attention should be paid to the conditions and the mentality that have set the stage for the emergence of this terrorist grouping.”

He said IS came into being in the chaotic years that followed the occupation of Iraq. The crisis in neighboring Syria and the support IS received from certain countries helped it become a monster whose name today sends chills down the spine of its creators. […]

“Our past experience makes us believe that any genuine initiative to settle regional problems should be based on regional cooperation. Taking on extremism is no exception,” he said.



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