Nearly 95 million doses of Covid vaccine administered in Iran

The number of Covid vaccine doses administered in Iran is nearing the 95 million mark.

So far, 55,319,795 people have received the first dose and 39,465,958 others have got the second dose of the jab. 198,634 people have received the third dose, known as the booster shot.

But there has been no change in the number of cities named red zone Covid hotspots in Iran. Latest data show 33 cities in Iran are red now. The Mask application which ranks cities in terms of risk from the Coronavirus shows that 95 cities are orange, 220 yellow and 100 blue, with the latter showing the pandemic is under control in an area.

Meanwhile, 140 people died in Iran from Covid from Sunday to Monday. The total death toll since the start of the pandemic now stands at 127,439. As of Sunday, 8,341 new infections including 1,164 hospitalizations were logged.

The latest rise in the number of cities marked red has rung the alarm for both people and authorities in Iran. Officials have time and again warned in recent days that relaxing Covid-related health protocols on the part of citizens could lead to a 6th wave of the outbreak.

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