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Mobile Vs. PC Gaming: Which One’s Better?

In the battle of gaming, the question usually comes down to mobile vs. desktop. There are many ways to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. The number of users tells one story, while the quality, access, and features could all say something different. Gambling, in particular, is often divided between these two platforms.

Many gamers, and experts like author Eliasz Nowak, who has written authoritatively on the subject, suggest that there is a place for both platforms. The use of the PC has undoubtedly decreased since mobile usage has risen. However, in certain circumstances, it’s clear that it still has a place. Let’s find out whether it is possible to give a definitive answer.

Luck or Skill

In the gambling industry, casino games are often divided into two categories. There are ones that rely on chance, and then others that utilize strategy or skill. These types often appeal to different groups of gamers, which means how and when they want to play is affected as well.

Online Slots

One of the most popular things to play at an online casino is video slots. They have great graphics, fun themes, and it won’t take long to grasp the rules. These are games of chance, and for that reason, they are great for mobile play. Accessing slots free and playing at any time is a great way to pass the time, or make a boring situation fun.

Online slots certainly fit into the more casual gameplay category. The reels and the features can easily be adapted to fit on a smaller screen, which means playing on a smartphone shouldn’t be that much different from a computer.

Table Games

The other category of casino classics includes some of the most popular ways of gambling, including poker and blackjack. The noticeable difference is that these games require strategy, focus, and decision making.

When it comes to these games, playing just anywhere isn’t an option. Being able to catch every detail is important, so the large screen of a desktop could be key. Distractions need to be kept to a minimum, which means playing on a commute isn’t ideal.

Industry Innovation

There is no doubt about it; all mobile gaming news points to the same conclusion. An increasing number of people are turning to their phones for entertainment. The capacity of what users are able to do improves as phone manufacturers push to compete with each other.

The success that other iGaming apps have found has encouraged developers to push the boundaries when designing games and software for mobile platforms. This means the new technologies will likely roll out on these devices first, instead of on desktop.

Processing Power

One of the areas where smartphone and tablet gaming hasn’t been able to compete is in processing power and battery life. Intensive games, or ones that are played over long periods of time, like poker tournaments, are best experienced on a PC.

Although they can run on smartphones, it can require a lot of processing power, space, and battery life, which affects the overall use of a device during the day. It’s becoming apparent that a choice between desktop and mobile isn’t as clear cut as it first seemed.

Who Wins

Mobiles triumph when it comes to convenience, but the desktop still has advantages when it comes to power and options. As some casino games haven’t been developed for other devices, and live casinos don’t always operate well in this format.

Statistics show that on a daily basis, more people in Poland access games on their devices than on their PCs. This follows the general global trend over the last 12 months, which shows that the desktop market share is 45.61%, falling behind mobile at 51.74%.


There is a future for PC gaming and casino gambling. The platform has several advantages that mobile can’t offer. On the other hand, casinos will follow gaming trends and invest more in innovative apps, games, and mobile sites.

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