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Kremlin laughs off Putin body double rumors

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has dismissed speculation that it could be using body doubles of President Vladimir Putin for some events, ridiculing such claims as “amusing".

“We have only one Putin!” Peskov said at the ‘Russia’ exhibition that opened in Moscow on Saturday.

He added that many ridiculous, absurd, and amusing things appear in various news outlets and on social media, naming the rumors about the Russian president’s alleged body doubles as examples.

The Kremlin spokesman joked that “experts” on the internet are now wondering how many doppelgangers Putin has and which ones they are seeing each day.

“Today [the Russian officials and public figures led by Putin] laid flowers to the Minin and Pozharsky Monument… Was it [Putin’s] third or fourth body double? I have no idea,” the spokesman jokingly stated.

On November 4, Russia celebrates Unity Day, a holiday that commemorates the end of the ‘Time of Troubles’ in the 17th century and the expulsion of the Polish-Lithuanian occupation forces from Moscow by a volunteer militia army led by Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and a merchant, Kuzma Minin.

The Kremlin already laid to rest the rumors about Putin’s doppelgangers last week after the UK’s Mirror newspaper reported on the issue, citing an anonymous Russian Telegram channel called General SVR. The paper claimed that the president’s body doubles were even used for some public appearances, including foreign visits. It also cited a recent Japanese TV report claiming that Putin had doppelgangers.

Similar statements have also been made by the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Kirill Budanov.

Peskov had previously already dismissed reports about Putin’s doppelgangers, calling them “lies” back in April. He also said that the Russian leader has “fantastic fitness for working” and can work nonstop for several days in a row. The Kremlin spokesman added that he has experienced this firsthand while working directly under Putin’s leadership.

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