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Joy of Staying at Pipe Hotel near World’s Largest Gas Field

It’s been four years that attractive tourist sites including a pipe hotel have been set up in a village close to Asalouyeh, the Iranian city where the world’s largest gas field South Pars is located.

The village, named Shirino, is widely known for hosting petrochemical industry staff and huge oil extraction facilities.

However, it has turned into a tourist village developed by Iran’s Petrochemical industry with the main aim of offering tourist and recreational services to visitors. The project is still developing.

Joy of Staying at Pipe Hotel near World’s Largest Gas Field
Iran Home to Several Strange but Attractive Hotels

One of the main attractions of the village is its pipe hotel, which are innovatively built with GRP industrial pipes. The pipes used to be piled up as industrial wastes but today they are being used as the main material in the establishment of the hotel in Shirino village.

Today, tourists can take some rest inside the buildings made of these pipes and enjoy the facilities of a seaside hotel located on the shores of Persian Gulf.

The flow and ebb of the Persian Gulf creates scenic views for the tourists resting in the buildings. Some metres away from the buildings, there are some tree huts in which the tourists can drink tea and order delicious dishes. They can also take advantage of the water facilities and plages.

There are also hotel rooms similar to igloos, the houses where Eskimos live. The buildings have been set up in an innovative way.

A more interesting part of the recreational complex is the floating wood houses. These houses enjoy all the facilities of a luxury hotel.

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