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Straw describes Iran as a key regional power

Former British top diplomat Jack Straw says Iran whose role is growing in the Middle East should be recognized as a good regional partner.

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said on Thursday that the role of Iran as a key regional power should be recognized.
Straw made the remarks in the 1st Europe-Iran Forum currently underway in London.
He said Iran should be recognized as a good potential partner.
He also said that all should admit the fact that Iran is a major part of a large number of UK strategic interests.
The UK has hurt itself by following the policy of discouraging trade with Iran, Straw added, hoping that Iran and the G5+1 could reach an agreement before the deadline ends.
Straw further underscored that Iran’s role is growing in the Middle East.
Iran and the West enjoy strategic interests in many areas including the increased terrorist threat of ISIL to the security of the region and the international community, he added.
With the prospect of improved political relations and a new business climate between Europe and Iran, the 1st Europe-Iran Forum kicked off in London on Wednesday morning.
The two-day event, organized by European Voice aims to “properly prepare and evaluate the post-sanctions trade framework and investment opportunities”, according to a brochure released by the organizers.
Following the historic Joint-Action Plan agreement between Iran and the P5+1 in November 2013, a series of economic sanctions were lifted, rekindling commercial interest in Iran throughout Europe.
On July 18th in Vienna, Iran and P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany) announced the continuation of their negotiations regarding the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, through to November 24th 2014.

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