Saturday, September 24, 2022

Italian Catholic Paper Runs Ad for Religious Tour of Iran

Avvenire, an Italian newspaper affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, has run an advertisement of cultural and religious tours of Iran.

The ad includes three dates for visiting Iran, a phone number and an email address for further details.

“The visits to Iran have been arranged for June 27 to July 5, September 17 to 25, and October 16 to November 3,” the ad read.

The newspaper described the tour of Iran as a dive deep into the country’s splendid history. It also introduced Iran as a great and attractive country with remnants of ancient cities, splendid mosques, museums and mausoleums.

The itinerary covers various cities, from the capital Tehran to Shiraz in the south, which is widely known as the cradle of Iran’s civilization and the ancient city of Persepolis, a world heritage site near Shiraz.

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