Saturday, May 25, 2024

Israeli whistleblowers disclose abuse of Palestinians at military base

Israeli whistleblowers have disclosed abuse of Palestinians at a military base in Sde Teiman that also serves as a detention center, according to a CNN report.

Three Israeli individuals who worked at the base, in which Palestinians are arrested amid the war in Gaza, alleged that at the facility, doctors have occasionally amputated prisoners’ limbs and performed medical procedures they were not qualified to conduct.

Doctors amputated prisoners’ limbs due to injuries from consistent handcuffing, according to the whistleblowers.

The facility is made up of two parts — one has enclosures where about 70 Palestinian detainees are put into intense physical restraint. The other is a field hospital, where injured detainees are strapped to beds, wearing diapers, and are fed via straws, according to the report.

“They stripped them down of anything that resembles human beings,” one of the whistleblowers who worked in the field hospital stated, according to CNN.

Another whistleblower said “(the beatings) were not done to gather intelligence”.

“They were done out of revenge,” the second whistleblower continued, adding, “It was punishment for what they (the Palestinians) did on October 7 and punishment for behavior in the camp.”

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