Monday, December 5, 2022

Israel Dividing Muslims to Achieve Its Goals: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry says the Israeli regime draws on internal divisions in the Muslim World to press ahead with its crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories and beyond.

In a statement ahead of the International Quds Day, the Iranian foreign ministry called on the Muslims across the world to show their unity by taking part in Friday Quds rallies across the world.

The full text of Foreign Ministry’s statement follows:

The International Quds Day is the manifestation of Palestinian refugees and prisoners’ cries of innocence and call for justice over the tyranny, oppression and persecution of the anti-human, child-killing and criminal Zionist regime, which, during the nearly 70 years of its disgraceful life has committed a large number of crimes against humanity. So far, a large number of Palestinians have been massacred [by Tel Aviv], millions of families displaced, and thousands of others tortured in Israeli jails.

The International Quds Day reminds us of this undeniable historical fact that the occupying regime of Israel is the main cause behind the current crises and tensions in the West Asian region. Israel was the initiator of some destructive wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1974 and 1982 against the Muslim and Arab nations of the region like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. The regime has also committed heinous massacres against the Palestinians in Kafr Qasim, Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Add to the list the brutal onslaughts on the Lebanese and Palestinian women and children during the 33-day war on southern Lebanon and the 22-day war on Gaza.

Today, the Muslim and Arab nations of the west Asia need to preserve their unity against the anti-human regime of Israel and discern their common enemy with profound insight. On the other hand, they have to stay extremely vigilant against any plots hatched by the Zionists and their international sponsors to deviate them from the path of resistance and restoration of the rights of the oppressed Palestinians. The Zionists make divisions in the Muslim world to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, the policies and measures by some so-called Muslim nations in the region serve the interest of terrorist-Takfiri groups leading to the deterioration of crises in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain. Such policies not only shatter the Muslim world unity, but also pave the way for Israel’s further aggression.

With their non-stop attempts to take the issue of Palestine off the agenda of the Muslim World, the Zionist regime is now drawing on the divisions within the Muslim states in fight against Takfiri terrorists to press ahead with its projects in the occupied Palestinian territories and beyond.

Inflicting a blow on the resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon by calling them terrorist provides Israel with a pretext to put more pressure on the Palestinian civilians and fighters in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It will also pave the way for Israel to torture the Palestinian inmates in the Israeli jails, accomplish its settlement projects, transform the historical and cultural identity of Quds, destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and displace the non-Jewish residents of al-Quds. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Israel’s goals in the region. The Israeli regime is trying to deceive the world’s public opinion by pretending to be an advocate of peace and fight against terrorism and even improving ties with some Muslim countries.

The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is a reminder of one of the most important and impressive legacies of the late Imam Khomeini: International Quds Day. He turned the day into a symbolic day of unity of Muslims against Israel as well as the uprising of the innocent nation of Palestine against the occupation.

So, reaffirming its allegiance to the late founder of the Islamic Republic, the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran calls on all Muslim and freedom-seeker nations of the world to show their unity by taking part in Quds rallies which is remembered in history as the day of fighting against the arrogant powers and supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.

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