Israel Can Be Destroyed with Just One Operation: IRGC Chief

Iran to Hit Anyone Involved in Gen. Soleimani’s Assassination: IRGC Chief

A top Iranian military commander says the Israeli regime will be destroyed with just one operation.

“Their biggest weakness is that any tactical move can be a strategic defeat for them, which means this regime can be destroyed with just one operation,” said Major General Hossein Salami, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

He said 90% of Tel Aviv’s trade is conducted by sea, adding Israel’s maritime activities are “very vulnerable” and can be seriously disrupted very easily.

“The massive explosion at their factories producing air defence engines and satellite-guided missiles indicates their vulnerability; and afterwards, the major Haifa refinery was exploded,” said General Salami.

“Their spies were killed in Erbil in Iraq,” he said.
The top general added Israeli air defence systems failed to intercept a missile which landed near the Dimona nuclear facility.

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  1. The HAMAS timing is perfect.

    There is NO REAL political authority in ISRAEL,and Benjy is on his way out
    The Allies of Benjy,are all ULTRA RIGHT ORTHODOX JEWS – who will provoke Benjy
    Benjy and his wife,are ALMOST in Jail
    If the ULTRA RIGHT ORTHODOX JEWS cannot PUSH Benjy,to annex West Bank,and start an Exodus of Arabs,from Jerusalem – in 2021 COVID – then,they will never get another opportunity (which will doom Benjy,and the ULTRA RIGHT ORTHODOX JEWS – forever)
    HAMAS has forced Benjy to crackdown on Arabs,lynch Arabs and evict Arabs – as a retaliation and show of control and strength – thereby,providing more popular support to HAMAS,INSIDE ISRAEL – with the Arabs
    No SANE US President or the UN will support a IDF invasion or blockade of Gaza or annexation – in 2021 COVID by a leader who is on his way to jail and is a caretaker PM
    Benjy needs a DISTRACTION and a VICTORY,and an EMERGENCY (which is the current strife)
    IRAN is possibly to resume N Negotiations,with the US – thereby giving the US and Iran,multiple levers to play with
    Benjy knows that IRAN is behind HAMAS
    Using the Temple of Solomon,was the TRUMP Card – as it provoked the Israeli Police – and nurturing this fire,can create mass unrest,across Muslims nations
    Unrest across Muslim nations will allow Iran to fish and scuba rocket dive in troubled waters
    If Hamas keeps on firing rockets,that is a victory,irrespective of,how many are killed in Gaza.The rocket saturation and decoy model is meant to ensure that 10-20% penetrate the ADS (Iron Dome) – so the success of the IRON DOME fits in with the PLAN OF HAMAS.It also games the ADS for the NEXGEN ROCKETS (which will come depending on the US-IRAN N Dialogue and events in the Temple)
    To Stop Hamas – IDF will have to ENTER GAZA,as the blockade is of no use – since Hamas is stocked up With the blockade,there will be a lack of food,water,medical aid in Gaza and the Media will be there to report it


    The Temple of Solomon,is DUE to be rebuilt (as per Prophecy).TO REBUILD – YOU 1ST NEED TO DESTROY ! dindooohindoo

    There are 3-500 rockets in the air,over Jerusalem EVERY DAY and there is a stockpile of explosives inside the Temple !

    Anything can happen – and it is all PURE CHANCE OR PROVIDENCE (And the Red Moon has passed)

    If Something happens or is inevitable – THEN the TURKS will move in for sure – and then,History repeats again !


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