Tuesday, October 4, 2022

ISIL beheading video anti-Islam Two Minute Hate: Analyst

The widely circulated beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Takfiri ISIL militants exemplifies celebrated British novelist George Orwell’s Two Minute Hate event against Muslims, an analyst writes for Press TV.

“The video purporting to show the decapitation of James Foley is a classic example of neocon hate propaganda. It is the sort of ‘Two Minutes Hate’ event satirized in George Orwell’s book 1984,” Kevin Barrett wrote in a column for the Press TV website.

Two Minutes Hate is a daily period in which citizens are forced to watch a film depicting the so-called enemies and express their hatred for them.

Barrett said Foley’s beheading has been organized by Israel to defame Muslims, adding, “The Orwellian two minutes of hate propaganda treatment is reserved for Muslims… or people posing as Muslims.”

“The Zionist-dominated media does not saturate the mass mind with images of evil Israelis committing atrocities – even though Israel is the per capita atrocity capital of the world,” wrote the analyst.

Barrett also said the ISIL is a “false-flag” group that has been created to “conduct Zionist public relations stunts.”

He said the world Muslims are expected to promote the fact that the “bogus ISIL group” is “designed to wage fourth-generation warfare against Islam and Muslims.”

ISIL said 40-year-old Foley, who had gone missing in Syria in 2012, was decapitated in reprisal for ongoing US airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq.

The terrorist group posted a gruesome video on social media on Tuesday titled “A Message to America.”

The US military has attacked the ISIL militants inside Iraq after earlier this month US President Barack Obama authorized aerial attacks against ISIL targets in the Arab count

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