Sunday, February 25, 2024

Iraqi PM promises to increase Arbaeen visas for Iranians

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi says Baghdad will increase the number of visas for Iranian pilgrims to attend Arbaeen ceremonies.

The announcement was made on Sunday after Kazemi’s meeting with Iran’s first vice president Mohamamd Mokhber in Tehran.

Kazemi said the visa quota for Iranians is 60 thousand due to the Covid pandemic, promising to increase the number given their eagerness for participation in the Arbaeen ceremonies.

Kazimi thanked Iran for standing by Iraq in the war on terrorist groups including Daesh.

He also said most US forces will leave Iraq by the end of this year.

Kazimi said Iraq needs Iran’s gas and electricity and that “we declare all doors of Iraq are open to Iranian companies”.

Mohamamd Mokhber, Iran’s First Vice President, also underlined the need to use the capacities and capabilities of the two countries, especially in the economic field, saying, “Tehran and Baghdad can boost their relations by relying on these capacities.”

Mokhber also referred to the assassination of Iran’s anti-terror icon and top general Qassem Soleimani, saying the participation of huge crowds of Iranians in General Soleimani’s funeral sent a very important message and showed close bonds between the Iranian and Iraqi nations. Mokhber also praised Iraq for hosting the recent Baghdad summit to resolve regional crises.

He said Iran believes that foreign countries’ presence in the region is detrimental to West Asian nations.

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