Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iran’s UN envoy slams US’s unilateral coercive sanctions against other countries

Iran’s envoy to the United Nations Zahra Ersahdi says the US’s inhumane unilateral coercive measures pose a serious threat to the health of Iranians.

Ershadi was addressing the UN General Assembly’s 76th conference on Global Health and Foreign Policy.

She said it’s impossible to strengthen health systems without improving the infrastructure and ensuring the transfer of related technologies.

Ershadi noted that this means that all nations must have equal access to quality, safe, effective vaccines and diagnosis technologies regardless of political considerations.

Iran’s envoy to the UN said all countries must also have access to quality and cost-effective healthcare services and this is a top priority for global development and absolutely necessary for response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ershadi urged all world countries to use this opportunity to promote multilateralism and fight unilateralism.

She underlined Iran’s support for the principle that the development of global health is contingent upon international partnerships, especially during crises.

Ershadi added that, “In spite of all of this, we are witnessing the US and a few other countries that follow it blindly take unilateral coercive measures including oppressive economic sanctions against a number of nations that include those who are suffering from the severe implications of this pandemic.”

She said The US and its allies claim the unilateral coercive measures do not include medicines and food but their sanctions have actually cut off the sanctioned countries from the global banking system and this has made it impossible for them to buy medicines and food.

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