Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Iran’s Oil Production Didn’t Stop Even a Single Day: Minister

The Iranian petroleum minister says the country’s crude production did not halt even a single day despite the coronavirus outbreak and the sanctions.

Bijan Namdar Zangeneh noted the production of petroleum and natural gas did not stop at all, adding, electricity generation and water production are dependent on the production of petroleum and gas.

“If oil and [natural] gas are not produced, electricity and water will not be produced, either,” he said in ceremony where more than 140 respiratory devices used for coronavirus patients were donated by the petroleum ministry to hospitals in the country’s oil-rich regions.

He said the ministry began to take action, from the very outset of the coronavirus outbreak, to move forward with the production of oil “as its activities were sensitive and its was not possible to shut down crude production.”

“We couldn’t stop work on islands and platforms as well as at operational units,” he said.

He added the ministry has contributed to the production of disinfectants, etc., saying, “We will continue with our activities in the regard.”

“During this time, our colleagues at the oil ministry spared no effort to allay people’s suffering and pain,” he said.

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