Iran’s Oil Exports Rising Despite Sanctions: Top Banker

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says the country is much better off when it comes to the export of oil and oil products compared to the past.

Abdolnasser Hemmati said Iran’s measures to neutralize sanctions imposed on the country are working well.

“We will also try to make other countries prepare the ground for us to have access to our [financial] resources as soon as possible,” he said.

The official further noted that some $9 billion calculated based on an exchange rate of Rls. 42,000 for the US dollar has been set aside to provide basic goods for people in the year to March 2021.

The CBI chief then indicated that a “single exchange rate” should be defined for the greenback against the Iranian rial.

“However, different dimensions of such a move should be reviewed, so that people’s day-to-day lives won’t be affected,” he underscored.

He also said forex revenues from Iran’s exports are “good.”

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