Iran’s Missile Stockpiles More than Necessary: IRGC

General Hossein Salami

Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the country has stockpiled enough missiles to deter any aggression.

Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks in a Saturday ceremony to unveil murals on the former US embassy building in Tehran known as “The Den of Espionage.”

“We first talk to the world using the language of logic,” he said, adding however that the country’s missile stockpiles are even more than necessary for countering the enemy’s aggression.

He said the United States’ power has been on the decline since the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran, and now the Americans cannot strike a balance between the costs of their actions and their achievements, even in the economic domain.

“They are in the spiral of decline, and it has been decades and years that the world has not witnessed any political victory by them,” said General Salami.

The senior commander described the United States’ identity as contradictory. “The reality is that one can describe the United States as a contradictory identity and a completely contradictory political entity.”

General Salami further said Washington has been directly or indirectly involved in wars in the Muslim world over the past forty years.

“During the existence of the US, more than 8.5 million people have been killed as a result of US interference in the east and west of the world, from the war in Mexico to the war in the Far East as well as World Wars I & II,” he noted.

“This is while the US is the biggest exporter of arms in the world and main party involved in small and big wars; however, US authorities, in word and on paper, speak of making the world a secure place,” he noted.

“The American speak of countering weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), but they are the first regime to have gained access to nuclear arms and the only country to have used such weapons two times and killed hundreds of thousands of people in a fraction of a second,” he added.

“Can such a country which has the power to destroy planet Earth several times using nukes be one that counters nuclear weapons?” the top general asked ironically.

“The US speaks of human rights while it ignores these rights all over the world and encroaches upon human rights, namely attacking wedding ceremonies in Afghanistan or launching nighttime raids on people’s homes in Iraq and [running] formidable Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons as well as other prisons in Europe and the United States,” he said.

General Salami underlined that United States has masterminded numerous coups and hatched plots to oust democratic governments, and hence, it cannot be an advocate of democracy.

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  1. The United States of America is so weak that it never has fought any war independtly. It wouldnt survive Hitler Germany and Empirial Japon if those two were not fighting on many fronts against many enemies. From Vietnam on till Iraq they couldnt win any war for real and the latest they dont and cant even tackle without the help of their many allies helping them. What is needed is a United War against the USA. Who is talking about Russia and China? No, keep it real. North Korea and Iran are enough, they must put in their own constitutions a law which enforces each of the two countries to jump into the war too if one of the two gets involved in a war with the USA. If the USA attacks Iran, Kim Jung must order by law, fast and fury over the USA in South Korea, Japan and so on and if the USA dares to attack North Korea or even aid South Korea against North Korea, Khameini must order by law, fast and fury over the USA in the Middle East. I hope Venezuela wants to join those two that will defeat the USA easily. If Venezuela joins too, the laws must talk about two nations to help. For Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. For North Korea, Iran and Venezuela and for Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. Dont you think Maduro? Let a number of soldiers of all three countries be present in the other two countries to open the new fronts. May Putin and Xi bless the pact.
    By AbdAllah


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