Thursday, November 30, 2023

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Busts Five Espionage Teams

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has identified and apprehended five espionage teams accused of working with foreign spy services.

A senior ministry official said the teams were involved in a range of activities against the Islamic Republic.

“Using a variety of complicated intelligence methods, foreign intelligence agents were seeking to spy on [Iran’s] nuclear, political, economic, military and infrastructural projects for the CIA, Mossad and intelligence services of certain European countries associated with the recent espionage cases,” said the deputy intelligence minister for counter-espionage.

“They intended to commit acts of sabotage against infrastructure and projects, further intensify unfair sanctions, keep the Islamic Republic of Iran from gaining access to modern knowhow and technologies, and create challenges in relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran with like-minded countries,” he added.

“These efforts and cowardly acts were foiled thanks to vigilance and intelligence information of the ministry’s agents,” he said.

The deputy intelligence minister warned all deceived individuals and mercenaries as well as covert and over enemies of Iran, and added Iranian intelligence apparatus keeps a close watch on every movement and firmly counter any conspiracies of enemies.

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