Monday, January 30, 2023

Iran’s ‘Got Talent’ Show Turning into Household Name

A new talent show called “New Age”, which some believe is an Iranian version of the famous “Got Talent” show, has gained amazingly in popularity just a couple of weeks after its first episode went on air.

The TV show is hosted by famous Iranian presenter Ehsan Alikhani, and its first episode was screened on February 16 after a long time of promotion. The program, which was supposed to be a talent show from the beginning, had called for test videos.

Alikhani says the “New Age” is not supposed to change the world, but simply wants to “give a magnifier to people.”

Iran’s ‘Got Talent’ Show Turning into Household NameThe program is about those who lack self-confidence and are unsure whether they are really talented or entranced by illusory talents.

At the end of the first season, which will be its 26th episode, a total of 60 people would be selected.

Famous Iranian actors and artists including Roya Nonahali, Amin Hayaie, Arya Aziminejad and Seyyed Bashir Hosseini are the jury members.

Ehsan Alikhani, who is an experienced producer, says this is his most difficult project for TV and he may go through many ups and downs.

Iran’s ‘Got Talent’ Show Turning into Household Name

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