Sunday, February 25, 2024

Iranians urged to leave Ukraine immediately

Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday calling on Iranian citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, as the war between Russia and Ukraine enters its seventh day.

The statement said that a number of Iranian citizens have still remained in Ukraine, despite previous calls for leaving the country.

It urged those Iranians who have still stayed in Ukrainian cities and villages to immediately leave Ukraine through borders of Romania, Moldovia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

Previously, Iran’s Embassy in Ukraine issued an announcement, dismissing the reports that claimed Iran’s Embassy in Ukraine was shut down.

In the meantime, Iran’s Ambassador to Ukraine Manouchehr Moradi stated in a released video that the embassy will be offering services until the last Iranian citizen leaves Ukraine.

He added that the Embassy has done all its efforts to protect and transfer Iranian citizens to Iran and watch the situation in that country to submit reports to Tehran.

Moradi ensured that all Iranian nationals in Ukraine were healthy and no report of being hurt or having life-threatening problems was received.

The ambassador noted that those Iranian nationals who weren’t willing to leave Ukraine could call the embassy if they were in need of food, medicine, etc.

He also asked the Iranian citizens who are still in cities to take refuge in safe places and move westward if they want to leave.

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