Monday, January 30, 2023

Iranian Women Front-Runners in Handicrafts Industry

Iranian women involved in the handicrafts industry preserve traditional arts while making a living from the traditional activity.

Making handicrafts is a globally recognized cultural activity and regarded as a skill which can contribute to economic development as well.

Many women are working in the field of handicrafts, but the progress made in this domain is minimal and the art has little impact on countries’ economies. The reason is that people active in the handicrafts domain do not have the right place or appropriate infrastructure to market their products.

There are many women in Iran who make handicrafts in their homes, preserving this traditional art and at the same time earning a living. Women living in Iran’s desert areas produce different types of rugs (rug-weaving is a key handicraft skill of Kerman province), helping preserve this traditional art.

Last year, the Shirikipich rug woven in the town of Sirjan in Kerman province was registered at the World Handicrafts Council. The global registration of this art came about thanks to the efforts by local women.

What follows are ISNA’s photos of handicrafts made by women of Kerman province:

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