Iranian translator Roshan Vaziri has died at 81

Roshan Vaziri

Roshan Vaziri, an Iranian translator of Polish literary works, has lost her battle against a brain tumor.

Roshan Vaziri, an Iranian translator of Polish literary works, has died at 81. She lost her battle against a brain tumor several days ago.

Her daughter who lives in the US broke the news Monday night in emails to her friends and relatives, saying her mom had passed away at a US hospital without mentioning the exact time of Vaziri’s death.

Some media sources have reported that Leshek Wozniak, her husband of Polish origin, will make a trip to Tehran in coming days to hold a commemorative ceremony for his deceased wife.

Roshan Vaziri studied medicine in the University of Warsaw many years ago. She married a Polish man there and developed a liking for Poland and its people. Vaziri translated several Polish books into Farsi, including The Heavenly Lady, a collection of short stories by Polish writers.

On August 2, 2014, Iran Front Page (IFP) released the translation of an interview Andisheh Pouya (Dynamic Thought) magazine had conducted with the late Vaziri, in which the culture and lifestyle of the Poles and their long-rooted ties with the Iranians had been brought up.

IFP staff offer their heartfelt condolences to her family and all literature lovers, hoping the loss of Vaziri – who built bridges between the two cultures – will not interfere with interaction between the two nations.

She will be sorely missed.

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