Iranian student registers smart tourism initiative at IFIA

A PhD student of tourism at Tehran University achieved the membership of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) after the registration of his initiative named ‘Ehsan; The Smart Creative Tourist.”

Ehsan Aghajani Rizi is a PhD student in tourism and an expert in smart tourism and artificial intelligence.

According to the expert, the initiative would enable close relationship between tourist destinations and tourists with the aim of solving the existing problems, including a lack of knowledge of the details of the destinations and the inability of tourists in real time analysis, via promoting the culture of human stem cells and boosting the capability of nerve cells and other structures.

Iranian student Ehsan Aghajani Rizi registers smart tourism initiative at IFIA
Iranian student Ehsan Aghajani Rizi registers smart tourism initiative at IFIA

Tourism with smart gloves and shoes with human cellular structure

Aghajani Rizi said the initiative will become operational via smart gloves and shoes mainly made of human skin and cellular structure, which are connected to human nerve cells by a membrane and serve actually as a conduit for receiving data and sending nerve messages to the brain chip.

The results and feedback of the analysis performed by the brain chip are then transferred to the human nervous system through the gloves and the shoes.

The operation seeks to increase the tourist’s analytical ability to the extent of 70 to 110 times the analytical power of a normal person.

“The idea will be completed by using smart eye lenses made of the cornea that enjoy special features such as farsightedness, imaging, and adjusting the amount of eye sight.

The energy required for the smart lenses to remain active and stable is provided by the energy sourced from the natural eye movements and blinking, and the process of analyzing tourist sites will be carried out through the connection to the smart chip,” Aghajani Rizi said.

Two smart wings for tourists to pass through rough regions

The final step, he added, is the design of two smart wings to enable tourists to visit destinations that are hard to get at.

“The energy required to operate these wings comes from the battery and micro solar panels designed on the surface of the wings. Motion sensors to predict encounters with unknown objects in the sky as well as olfactory sensors to enter unknown tourist destinations are also installed on the wings,” according to the expert.

Registration of “Ehsan; The Smart Creative Tourist” at IFIA

He said the initiative was registered on April 15, 2023 under the title “Ehsan; The Smart Creative Tourist” at the intellectual property department of the country’s Organization of Deeds and Real Estate Registrations under the number 140250140003000487, and later globally at the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) in Geneva, Switzerland.

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